Neurology is the branch of medicine that treats diseases of the nervous system; the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. This encompasses such common problems as epilepsy, slipped disks, spinal and head injuries, meningitis, cancer of the nervous system and cerebellar ataxia.

Some common reasons why a neurologist is seen in veterinary medicine:

  • Seizures and Epilepsy

  • Paralysis

  • Wobbling when walking

  • Uncoordinated gait

  • Balance and equilibrium issues

  • Change in behavior

The diagnosis of your pet’s neurological condition can range from the brain to spinal; listed below are common diagnoses:

  • Tumor or mass on brain or spine

  • Inflammation of brain or spine

  • Infection located in the brain or spinal tissue

  • Cyst in the brain cavity or spinal cavity

  • Disc herniation of the spinal cord

  • Wobblers Syndrome

  • Stroke

  • Trauma to the brain

  • Fracture of the spine

Our board-certified neurologist, Dr. Filippo Adamo, performs cutting-edge technology surgeries on patients; most recently, he developed and tested the first artificial disc implant for the canine spine.

Common neurological surgeries performed by Dr. Filippo Adamo are:

  • Shunt placement in the brain

  • Craniectomy (reduces swelling of the brain)

  • Spinal fracture repair

  • Muscle nerve biopsy (common in pets with paralysis)

  • Artificial disk implantation (Wobblers Syndrome)

  • Hemilaminectomy (treatment for pinched nerve)

Some of the tests we perform to diagnose your pet are: MRI, CT scan, spinal tap, EMG (electromyography), motor nerve conduction velocity and electrodiagnostic tests.

Neurologic conditions and the resulting surgeries typically present in a pet acutely and urgently. In this complex field, there is little margin for error, making early diagnosis and proper treatment especially important.



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