Pet Resort Specialists

Mike Foltz

Mike Foltz

Pet Resort Supervisor

In 2002, I left the world of high-tech and found a true passion in working with animals. I worked at Humane Society Silicon Valley for 12 years where I was the Manager of Animal Care and had a lead role in working with the onsite Doggie Daycare, Boarding and Grooming services. One of my most important goals every day was to make sure the animals in my care received the gold standard of care. I am pleased to now bring it to the South Bay Animal Hospital and Pet Resort. I pride myself on looking at every animal as an individual, making sure their mental and physical needs are met, and doing everything I can to ensure they’re happy and comfortable at their home away from home. When I’m not looking after the awesome animals at the resort, I spend my time with my two- and four-legged family which includes my fiancé, three daughters, four cats, and one super-special dog.

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Jeremy Hager

Pet Resort Specialist

I have always loved taking care of animals since I was very young. It wasn't until I was 18 and got my first job working at a doggy daycare that I realized it was something that I had natural skill for and decided that this job is an awesome fit for me. I personally find it very rewarding to not only take care of other peoples animals but to also help owners train their dogs and help them grow and become well behaved best friends for the family at home.

Alondra Hernandez​​​​​​​

Pet Resort Specialist

Hi, my name is Alondra. Working with animals has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. As soon as I turned 18 the first thing I did was apply as a pet care specialist, being able to look after and care for animals is the greatest thing. I love coming into work and being greeted with tail wags and kisses. On my days off, I love spending time with my family, friends, and Lady ( my 4-year-old poodle mix).

Danahe Pelcastre ​​​​​​​

Pet Resort Specialist​​​​​​​

Adrian Guerrero​​​​​​​

Pet Resort Specialist​​​​​​​

In my hometown of El Paso Texas I began my first animal care career as a Kennel Attendant with the municipal animal services. It was there I discovered that I truly love working with and caring for animals of all kinds. I honestly enjoy communicating and working with people as a part of my job and I am proud of the quality of customer service I bring to the table. In my everyday as well as in my professional career I try to understand the unique perspectives of animals as well as people, knowing that everyone out there has a story and a reason for their perspective. I like to make everyone feel at home when they’re around me, particularly when it comes to caring for animals.
When I’m not reading, writing or listening to podcasts I enjoy spending time with my own 4 year old pug at home named Lola.



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