Pet Links

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Veterinary Partner has tons of great articles written by veterinarians for owners. Dr. Compton often uses articles from there as handouts. It is a great resource if you want to learn more about any medical or pet-related issue -- such as underlying causes for your dog's ear infection, how to introduce a new cat to the current cat, or what you need for travel with your pet.

Pet Health Network is another information resource which has the owner's viewpoint in mind regarding care for their pets.

VetzInsight has funny articles regarding veterinary medicine and the human-animal bond.

AVMA’s Pet Care has pet information from the American Veterinary Medical Association

Dogs, Ticks and Disease A website detailing the diseases that ticks can transmit to pets.

Kitty Test Evaluate prevalance of infectious feline diseases in your area!

City of San Jose Animal Care Services City information regarding shelters, licensing, dog parks and volunteer opportunities.

County of Santa Clara Animal Control Santa Clara shelter, program and services information.

ASPCA American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

American Kennel Club Dog breed information

Cat Fanciers Association Cat breed information

University of Wisconsin Dog Training and Behavioral information

Hawaii Quarantine Information Information regarding the process for minimizing quarantine when you are moving to Hawaii

Travel to Another Country With Your Pet Official USDA information regarding travel to another country with your pet, which may require special testing or procedures prior to travel.



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