What to Expect - Boarding

Drop Off and Pick Up:

The Pet Resort has regular hours of 7 am to 7 pm every day of the week. We can accommodate early morning or late evening drop off and pick up, however, an additional fee of 75$ will be incurred. Please discuss this with our staff when making the reservation.

We suggest allowing up to 30 minutes for the drop-off or pick process. Communication with our staff regarding reservations, requirements, etc. in advance is also highly suggested to reduce any last-minute problems.

Boarding charges are for the "day" where a day is defined as 11 am to 10:59 am the following day. (For example, a reservation for Monday at 11 am through Wednesday at 5 pm will incur a boarding charge for 3 days.)

Drop-off is anytime between 11 am and 7 pm. Drop-off outside of those hours can usually be accommodated, however, please discuss this with our staff when making the reservation to ensure your pet's boarding accommodations will be ready at the time of drop-off.

Pick-up is between 7 am and 11 am. Pick up after 11 am will incur an additional day's boarding fee.

All boarding reservations require a signed estimate by the owner of the pet(s)and a 100% deposit to be paid upon drop off or prior. **Please know that during major holiday seasons m we require a 100% NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit.


If you are not a regular client of ours, we will ask you to fill out a registration form. We will also need a copy of your pet’s medical records. You can bring a copy of your records to us in advance of your reservation or we can contact your veterinarian on your behalf to attain any records.

If your pet has a chronic medical condition, we will need a copy of your medical records as soon as possible to determine if boarding in our Pet Resort is appropriate for you and your pet. There are certain medical conditions that require medical boarding in our medical facility. If you are unsure what your pet may need, please discuss with our staff upon making the reservations.


If your pet is on medications, the medications must come in the container which has the prescribing veterinarian's label on it. We cannot accept any medications outside of their original prescribing container. Oral medications and most topical medications are included in the cost of boarding with us. Certain specialized medications including medications that require an injection or a needle do incur an additional cost. Please discuss any medications your pet is one with our staff.

Food and Feeding:

You know how often you feed your pet, how much and the brand of food. We would like to minimize the stress on your pet as much as possible by feeding in a similar way. If you want to bring your pet's food, please do so and let us know the details, such as "Give 1/3 cup dry food in the morning and evening, and a spoonful of wet food with the evening meal." Ensure that you provide us with enough of your own pet’s food.

If you do not bring your pet's own food, we will feed your pet a prescription diet that is bland and easy on the gastrointestinal tract.

Please make sure to let us know if your pet has any food allergies.

You may also provide your own treats. However, we will not allow pets to have certain types of treats unsupervised or during evening overnight hours. For example, some rawhide, or bone-type treats or any treats that may increase the risk of a choking hazard.

Bedding, Toys and Personal Belongings:

You are welcome to bring your pet’s personal belongings like his/her bedding, toys or other comfort items. We will do our best to ensure that everything that came with your pet is returned to you. However, we are not liable for any personal belongings that are lost, soiled or destroyed during your pet’s stay.

Occasionally, we have some pets decide to get destructive. In the interest of removing any hazards to your pet or keeping your personal items safe, we may remove items from your pet’s accommodations. For example, a dog that is diligently chewing up their blanket may have their blanket removed.

Additional Info

Doggy Day Care add-on:

Dogs that will be attending daycare during their boarding stay will be charged for boarding along with the daycare fees as applicable. (For example, you will still be charged for boarding for the day, even if your pet is in doggy daycare all day during the last day. This is to ensure your pet continues to have a dedicated space for their belongings as well as a place to rest.


We do not offer professional grooming services. However, we can provide baths, nail trims, and anal gland expressions for our dog. If you are interested in these services, please discuss with our staff upon making the reservation.


We give tours of the Pet Resort during normal business hours! Give us a call to schedule a tour with one of our Pet Resort Specialist.



Online appointments must be made between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Please call for appointments 24/7!
Emergency Only walk-in hours are between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am.