What to Expect - Boarding

We know your pet is like family to you, and so we have a number of steps while getting your pet situated for a stay at our Pet Resort. This page is intended to give you an outline as to the process when your pet is staying with us and to make your check-in process as smooth as possible.

Records: If we have never seen your pet before you will need to fill out the new client form. Please bring a copy of your prior records at the time of boarding. Records can also be useful if your pet has a chronic condition that needs to be monitored, such as arthritis, allergies, or diabetes.

Medications: If your pet is on medications, the medications must come in the container which has the prescribing veterinarian's label on it. Do not bring in a bag filled with pills and instruct us to "give 2 of the white pills in the morning, and the green pill every other day." We have to know what the medication is, how many milligrams it is, as well as how often it should be given. This also helps us to refill if your pet's medication runs out before they go home.

Belongings: Nothing is more frustrating than to leave items and then upon pick-up not have them return to you. However, we need to know that the pink pillow with the white fringe was for your pet, and not the white pillow with the pink fringe. While we endeavor to keep items separate, sometimes they get dirty and things can get mixed up in the wash. Writing down exactly what you brought helps everyone.

Feeding: You know how often you feed your pet, how much and the brand of food. We would like to minimize the stress on your pet as much as possible by feeding in a similar way. If you want to bring your pet's food, please do so and let us know the details, such as "Give 1/3 cup dry food in the morning and evening, and a spoonful of wet food on top as a dessert on the evening meal." If you do not bring your pet's own food, we will feed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach dry to adult dogs and cats, and Healthy Advantage to puppies and kittens.

Personality Profile: The personality profile is only for dogs, to give us an idea as to what your dog's routine and personality are like. This is required for boarding as well as participation in the Puppy Playground, along with a temperament test. If your dog is terrified of tennis balls or adores rope toys, we want to know.

Accommodations: Do you want your dog to stay in a glass front kennel or a Luxury Suite? Would your cat prefer 3 cages or two with a private pass-through? You can get an idea as to the options by checking out the boarding page.

Grooming: Want your pampered pet to be brushed out, smelling nice with trimmed nails? We can do that for an extra charge, just let us know what you want us to do!

Dropping off: Pick-up and drop-off hours are between 7am-7pm which is not the same as our regular business hours, so if we are simply open it does not mean we can situate your pet for boarding. If you pick your pet up after 7 pm you will be charged for an additional night's stay. We will ask you if your pet has eaten today and whether there have been any medications that have already been given so we know whether your friend needs feeding and medication as soon as possible. We will review your pet's records and medications with you, and collect any food and belongings. We will weigh your pet and then bring them back to set them up in their lodgings. Many times if you ask, the kennel attendants will allow you to escort your pet back to say goodbye until you return.

Please expect the entire drop-off process to take around 30 minutes

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